Privacy Policy

Manuscripts must be reviewed with due respect for the privacy of the authors.  By submitting their manuscripts for review, authors entrust the editorial board with the results of their scientific work and creative efforts, on which their reputation and career may depend.  Reviewers also have privacy rights, which must be maintained by the editor.  Confidentiality may be breached if dishonesty or fraud occurs, but must adhere to in other cases.

The editors should not disclose information about the manuscript (including their receipt, content, status in the process of consideration, criticism of reviewers or final decision) to other persons other than authors and reviewers.

The editors must clearly explain to their reviewers that the manuscripts that are sent for review are the privileged and private property of the authors.  Therefore, reviewers and editorial staff should respect the rights of authors, not publicly discuss their work and not appropriate their ideas presented in the manuscript.  Reviewers are not allowed copies of manuscripts for their files, nor are they allowed to transfer them to others, except with the permission of the editor. 

Reviewer comments are sent to others, review the same manuscript, and help reviewers understand the review process.  Reviewers can also be notified of an editor's decision to accept or reject the manuscript.