Protection of planting of potatoes from segetal vegetation

  • О. Shyta Institute of Plant Protection, NAAS, 33, Vasilkivska str., Kyiv, 03022, Ukraine
Keywords: рotatoes, weeds, herbicides, technical efficiency, yields


Goal. To investigate measures of limiting the number of weeds in planting potatoes on the yield of culture.

Methods. Field, comparative and analytical.

Results. The data of technical and economic efficiency of application in landings of potatoes of soil and insurance herbicides, as well as their mixtures are given. It was established that the application after formation of the crests of soil herbicide Zenkor Likvid SC in the normal rate of 1.1 l/ ha provided technical efficiency in 30 days at 77.8%, but did not provide full protection of planting of potato from cereal weeds. Spraying to seedlings with herbicide Zenkor Liquid SC normally consumes 1.1 l/ha and the introduction of Panther antimicrobial herbicide during the period of vegetation, the normally consumes 2.0 l / hectares provided technical efficiency in 30 days at 88.9%. Application in the growing season of the herbicide mixture culture Zenkor Liquid SC + Titus 25, WG in the norms of consumption of 0.2 l/ha + 30 g/ha + surfactant Trend 90, 200 ml / hectare provided technical efficiency at the level of 94.4% for the height of plants of culture 5—10 cm, and at for plant height 10—15 cm — 86.1%. Technical efficiency of the herbicide Titus 25, WG Normally, the consumption of 50 g/ha + surfactant Trend 90, 200 ml/ha was 88.9%, 30 days after spraying, and manual gutting — 80.6%. In variants with application of herbicides yield of potatoes at the level of 18.4—22.0 t/ ha was obtained, in the manual with manual propelling — 18.6 t/ ha, with a yield of 11.2 t/ha.

Conclusions. To reduce segetal vegetation in potato positions and obtain high yields of tubers it is expedient to spray with soil herbicide Zenkor Liquid SC after the formation of crests to the seedlings of the culture and weeds, the COP normally consumes 1.1 l/ha (metrubuzin, 600 g/l) and in Period of vegetation with herbicide against cereal weeds. During the growing season of potatoes, at a height of culture of 5—10 cm, when weed plants are in the initial stages of growth, landing is sprayed with a mixture of soil and insurance herbicide Zenkor Liquid SC + Titus 25, WG in reduced rates of spending.


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